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The Lucky Champions

We stood there in the line. Young and old, men and women, single and married. Having one thing in common. Slight smiles were spread over our faces. We were champions. Yes, champions. Cut out from the rest of the population. A chosen race. We had finally succeeded above the rest and won the ultimate prize.


We held our trophies close to our bodies, some even placing them close to their hearts. At least today was going to be better than yesterday. The pains of missing that which is so precious would be alleviated, at least for a day. What a joy! Some had tried, not once, not twice, not one place but multiple times; and places with no success. But here, we were. Victorious. Our long treks and calls to find the location of the prize had been finally answered.

Tit!  Tit! That was the final stamp of ownership. We walked out, into the masses. Holding our trophies and marching majestically. Leo jikoni kutawaka.

Courtesy of the government you are now valued much higher than the rest.

Forever we shall love you, Unga.

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