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A Ray of Light

The evening sky was scarily dark. The clouds hang low and even despite it being 5pm in the evening, the whole vicinity was already dark. Chicken had even started going to their roosts thinking that the night was already. People hurried about to milk the cows and collect firewood in readiness for the evening food preparations and some for the following morning. Starting a fire with wet wood was one of the toughest activities to start one’s day with. In contrast with the city life where gas cookers were used in many places and in some places jikos.

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The virus had had a great toll on every sector of the economy and many had resorted to move to the villages where life was comparatively much cheaper. This was not advisable to do in fear of spreading the virus to the aged population but desperate times called for desperate measures. And food was the most basic requirement for survival. Many had come to appreciate the value of minimizing expenses only to the most basic. This of course came at a cost to the luxurious hotels and high end clothing lines and shops. He was no exception. For after holding in the city for three weeks, he finally resorted to head home. East, West, Home had to be best.

But the darkness today was not as gloomy as the days before. For amidst the darkness in the world, a ray of light had broken forth. There were talks of a breakthrough in the development of a vaccine (s) to curb the virus. Researchers working independently had started administering some to volunteers to gauge their viability after successfully progressing through the animal tests. The rain reminded him of such an occurrence in the city when in a certain night, it rained the proverbial cats and dogs. Thunder sounds and lighting flashes could be seen at a close range and many had even spoken, feared and anticipated for the apocalyptic end time. The signs had all appeared to be in tandem with the prophecies of many religious leaders and fear and hope had reigned in many hearts depending on their disposition. Some religious groups had even insisted on meeting despite the government directive not to while many had resorted to online services and family prayer sessions. It was a moment of reflection and repentance. A sight of eternity.

On the said night, in the darkness and flashes of lighting, his mind had wandered to the course of his life. On the things he had done and not done, the good and the bad and of whichever value he had added to life. He was a strong believer in making the world a better place and especially in making the lives of others better and happier.


He believed that people were the whole essence of the earthly life. But even the churches taught of love for God and neighbour. And the same love for God was demonstrated in the love for the brethren. All coming back to people. He had heard of people having a flash of their lives just before dying and for a moment he thought that this could be his day. Who knows???

At that moment, he received a video call from his present object of fantasy. The fantasy referred to as love in some circles. Not that he did not believe in love and loving but for the sake of adding some icing to the cake, he usually put in some doses of imagination. For the world existed in different realms and the mind was the portal of motion between the real and the surreal. You had the power within you. And provided one remained within the confines of moral sanity, the world of imagination was all there for exploration. It was not raining on her side of the town in stark contrast to his place. He had to look for some headphones to at least hear whatever murmurings that were being uttered. Or so it appeared to him. It was a call without much writable content but it ended two hours later nonetheless. It was a mystery to say the least. But not so for the
great Albert Einstein.


Maybe it was a case of love where words are not necessary but just the presence and sight of the other suffices.

Upon the end of the call he wondered if it was still necessary to love in such moments of uncertainty. Would they make it to the end? Would they still be there? Would the love still be present? It was a fearful reflection. But they held on to hope and prayer. That the will of the Divine Master could be done. In whichever place that they would find themselves in.

“Kim, supper is ready.” It was the call of his mum. The call filled with such parental love and care that jolted him out of his thoughtful state to the present moment. The rain had subsided. One and half hours later. He decided then, that after supper, he would call her. Not a video call though. Just a voice call. For the network connectivity did not allow for it. The reason why the university students had protested online against the online classes with threats of going to protest physically against the directive.

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But at least, they both were still alive and by so the story could continue even in the physical realm…

P.S: An optimistic futuristic imagination. The world is not yet as is mentioned with regard to the vaccine but work is in progress as of this writing.

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