The Arrow of Time

Some days your mind tends to go back to the past in a journey of self-reflection. To reflect on the steps, decisions and experiences that you have gone through so far. Some bring a smile to your face, others a frown, others a laugh or even a sigh of relief or regret.

Time 1
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Sometimes we think of the possibility of life being different. Of meeting different people or doing different things. What if we delayed for even an hour to board the vehicle or start the journey? Would it affect our lives in any way? This is especially felt in the case of a fatality occurring at a certain time bringing in questions of what if the person had not done something at a certain time.
What if the person did not go somewhere at a certain time, would things be different?
Questions that have no answers.

Some also, are positive ones. Thinking of the friends, mates and partners that you have met in the course of life. Was it written somewhere that you were to meet them? The person you happen to marry, your parents meeting and bearing you, and your grandparents to the conceivable past. Could life and people be any different? If some choices were not made? Or a certain path was not taken? If Hitler did not exist or be as he was, could the world be different? Could he as a person be different?

These are questions that have no answers, we can only speculate on the possibilities. Some enthusiasts have even thought of creating a time machine to go back in history, experience it and possibly change some things. A matter of fiction and time. For an impossibility is only impossible until it is proven otherwise. Spiritually, some can say that God directs the course of history but then again some theologians speak of the free will with which man makes his own choices that could greatly have an impact on his/her life, on earth and in the afterlife.

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The fact though that remains, about our own individual life and the course of history, is that we cannot possibly know the chances of things being different. We can only speculate. At a personal level, with regard to the course of life, it is of my opinion that somehow by other conditions, your life could somehow be almost the same. For at the core, you remain to be who you are no matter the places and circumstances. It can be hard to agree with this in cases of external negative influences but at least with regard to personal choices, the likelihood of similarity is high. And these personal decisions end up affecting the course of history especially if the individual is a leader.

And the greater thing is not focusing on the past but acting maximally in the present to make it the best and possibly chart the path to a better future. For you cannot change the past, neither are you sure of the future. You have the present. Make the best out of it.

Present 1
Image: @GermanyKent

What do you think? Could life be different from how it currently is?
You can share your thoughts in the comments.

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