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What about Love? And Loving.

Love is one of the most written and spoken of subjects in the history of the world. Not only of mankind for it can also be seen and found in the animal kingdom. Love is therefore universal to all living beings. Or to a majority. Sceptics will term it a weak thing to possess and some in higher circles call it a fable. The underprivileged will question its existence in a cruel and unjust world. Some will point to the brutality as that that exists in the animal kingdom especially the lion kingdom when it comes to taking new territories. The human kings and queens come to mind. Fighting and killing to gain new territories and subjects. Even some took ladies as wives and concubines. Just as male lions take up prides of lionesses. All the same. The humans saw the need of making some slaves and servants which might not be easily perceived in the animal world. The focus today is on the matter of mutual concern. Love.

Love usually comes to the mind when you hear stories of lovers both good and bad. Good as a celebration of its beauty and bad as a question to the low levels it can sink to. Some even go as far as inflicting harm or even killing those that they loved before, or those that stand in the way. Love looks fragile. The Bible records a myriad of virtues concerning love. That it is kind, patient, tolerant, good, perseverant and all other good attributes.


That without it, everything else is nothing. Jesus Christ taught the Love of God and Neighbour as the greatest commandment. I want to believe all religions agree on the value of love, peace, kindness and compassion. Otherwise, a religion that fails to nurture love for others misses the whole point. This kind of love has been referred to as the Agape Love. The greatest of all. And for this, I will dwell no more on it. For it is indisputable in nature unless atheists get into the picture.

The other types of love according to the Greeks include the Philia (Friends), Philautia (Self-Love), Storge (Family) and Eros (Romantic).  Each kind of love has its own dynamics that will be dealt with in another post. We shall narrow down to the romantic love. The romantic love is one that is imagined, discussed and sought actively (Not the sexualised version of it).

Image: Shouting Images

The mystery to it being that it is often to be sought in strangers. Even childhood friends were once strangers to themselves. And another mystery is that out of this, families and humans spring forth. The manner and probability of strangers meeting (think of your parents and grandparents as far as you can and imagine the meetings and combinations involved to result in your being brought to life) is somehow low. To speak of a divine plan could ease everything but restless minds will still think nonetheless. Especially now that no one is told, in clear words, who they are going to be with. It seems to be left for the individuals to seek for themselves. Directed by their own tastes, chances, environments, values and circumstances. God can also be in action all these, as a matter of faith.

Deep down individuals do imagine and hope to find someone that they will love and will love them back unconditionally. A person to share life with, in all its joys and sorrows. To form a family together and join in this process of ensuring the continuity of the species for whichever end in mind.somewhere-i-just-want-to-find-someone-thats-going-to-love-me

We all seem to be part of this life giving and sustaining force. This has however been corrupted by the reckless ‘loving’ around that has put to question the reality of a life-long love. What of the heartbreaks, divorces and violence all around?

Love songs often put us in a lovely mood and listening closely we can hear the experience of the song writers and singers. And even that of ourselves. Sometimes you play a song and it fits perfectly with your situation. And in some moments, 3 or more songs follow each other in succession in tandem with your state in life. We all are in these. Someone somewhere will sniff at this and call it a daydream but cases in history and current life show its presence even if tattered. We do still admire a couple that is in love, or so they say. And we celebrate them, and if they break up, we wonder in shock. We yearn for and seek that fantastical true love which so seems exists somewhere and it is there to be found.

At some point everyone will find someone to love (song), or a majority. Even though for some it is a foreign term that they would want to know what it all about (song). Our experiences in life and the people we meet help us to learn more about it in as far as we seek to do the right things. We meet some that we like and others that seem to like us. We also encounter mutual likings with lovely possibilities. Some will take the step forward and enter into a relationship that could end in joy or tears. Two people trying to understand and appreciate each other better with all that comes with the package.

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With time we become wiser, our eyes are opened, hearts touched, minds convinced and we settle down with one for a lifelong experience called marriage.  Sages have spoken of the need to commit to such a partnership even beyond the end of the flowery lovey doveys present at the onset. At some point the partners have to agree on the things to do to keep the love burning even when the fuel is far spent. To deal with disagreements amicably and do as much as they can in the name of love. And sooner or later bring forth a life from their mutual efforts and love. A life that soon enough will find itself in the same situation of seeking and loving, and so on it goes to the end of an age.

Do you think that true love is a reality? Have you found your true love? What is your experience?

6 thoughts on “What about Love? And Loving.

  1. Great peace. Maybe I found true love but it eloped. I don’t date but I think finding true love is hard. I’m pessimistic about it’s existence


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