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What about Love? And Loving.

Love is one of the most written and spoken of subjects in the history of the world. Not only of mankind for it can also be seen and found in the animal kingdom. Love is therefore universal to all living beings. Or to a majority. Sceptics will term it a weak thing to possess and… Continue reading What about Love? And Loving.

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I am Rich, You Are Rich, We Are Rich

How many times do we find ourselves languishing in self pity, contemplating our self justified poverty? We at times fail terribly in realizing the much that we have within us, the great wealth bestowed upon us by God. We fail to appreciate the great people we are and go as far as demeaning ourselves to… Continue reading I am Rich, You Are Rich, We Are Rich

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The Experience of Defeat

Victory is sweet but defeat is a reality. All of us always desire to be the best in anything that we do, or come out as the best in a duel. In this world of competition, the journey towards getting something that is desired is paved with lots of challenges. Everybody is in a kind… Continue reading The Experience of Defeat

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Eternal, Perpetual Reality

What does it feel like to live in the reality that you cannot change something?  The fact that something is going to be the way it is for as long as you will be? The full realization and acceptance of the fact that nothing else can be done to change a situation, The reality that… Continue reading Eternal, Perpetual Reality

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How to be happyHappiness is the state we are in when we have a feeling of wellness or joy; when our feelings and emotions are all favourable to our inner self. True happiness is a matter internal to the body and cannot be fully influenced by external factors although the causative agents do exist in… Continue reading HAPPINESS

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 Dreams constitute the ambitions, aims and goals that we hope to achieve. Our view of the life we would like to live in the future. All of us had dreams since childhood of living some kind of life. A life that we admire, see as simple and one full of happiness.  Such a life is… Continue reading DREAMS

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Life is all about choices. Many people say so or it is a fact that it is so. Making choices is a different experience for different people. Some find it easy to make a choice and stick to it while others take ages even to make the simplest of choices or decisions. Others make choices… Continue reading CAREER CHOICES IN LIFE