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When I was Young

When I was young, I thought we would all grow to the 80s and beyond, and achieve all our childhood dreams.But now I know it is not so, for some have gone before.I thought that life is structured and directed.It is more to the contrary. And many live unconsciously, some resigned to fate.But the course… Continue reading When I was Young

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Malia and Talia

They were deeply engrossed in conversation. The two ladies sat by the steps leading to the upper rooms. They both had pink coats but one was a bit brighter than the other. Their names were Malia and Talia, sisters by blood. Malia was a second year student in Egerton University while Talia was in the… Continue reading Malia and Talia

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What about Love? And Loving.

Love is one of the most written and spoken of subjects in the history of the world. Not only of mankind for it can also be seen and found in the animal kingdom. Love is therefore universal to all living beings. Or to a majority. Sceptics will term it a weak thing to possess and… Continue reading What about Love? And Loving.


The Arrow of Time

Some days your mind tends to go back to the past in a journey of self-reflection. To reflect on the steps, decisions and experiences that you have gone through so far. Some bring a smile to your face, others a frown, others a laugh or even a sigh of relief or regret. Sometimes we think… Continue reading The Arrow of Time

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A Ray of Light

The evening sky was scarily dark. The clouds hang low and even despite it being 5pm in the evening, the whole vicinity was already dark. Chicken had even started going to their roosts thinking that the night was already. People hurried about to milk the cows and collect firewood in readiness for the evening food… Continue reading A Ray of Light